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What year of the 21st century had the greatest annual average global sea ice area?
  • 2001
  • 2008
  • 2013
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Global Warming stopped 16+ years ago

Source: Remote Sensing Systems global satellite lower troposphere temperatures.

The horizontal line is the best fit line through the data from August 1996 through April 2014; 17 years 9 months.

Friends of Science 11th Annual Luncheon with Dr. Ross McKitrick, May 13, 2014, Calgary, Alberta.

See the video of the presentation HERE.

Friends of Science sends letters to corporations targeted by Greenpeace. See our letter HERE. Greenpeace failed to note the 16+ year hiatus in global warming.


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Solar flare with Earth to scale"IPCC AR5 Section7.4.6 says, "Many studies have reported observations that link solar activity to particular aspects of the climate system." 
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The Cosmic Ray Climate Link
Climate and the Variable Sun

The Canadian Climate Model is the World's Worst - No match to observations!

See article HERE

Save the scientific method from Big Green propaganda and faulty science.

Carbon Dioxide has nominal impact on temperature.

Friends of Science Report: 97% Consensus? NO! Global Warming Math Myths & Social Proofs

Deconstruction the Consensus on Climate Change, table here.


"Star Trek Themed Prezi Applies Vulcan Logic to the 97% Consensus" Here

"New Friends of Science Billboard Stirs Climate Change Controversy" Here

"FoS Dispute a Greenpeace Letter on Alleged Corporate Climate Change Crimes" Here

"Greenpeace Double Standard Complaint on Climate Change Billboard Challenged" Here

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Graph of New climate model projections and observations Here. Huge discrepancy!

                 See Our Position Paper Here

Carbon dioxide is plant food. CO2 emissions increase crop yields and the forest's productivity. There are no harmful effects.

Carbon dioxide is a wonderful by-product of fossil fuel use.Fos Graph Animation 

Do you need more time to study these graphs? See our Climate Science Essay for sources and discussion of these and other graphs here, see Climate Science here.

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1.    The earth is cooling. Click here.
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3.    Al Gore was wrong about CO2. Click here.
4.    Violent weather isn’t getting worse. Click here.
5.    It’s been hotter. Click here. 
6.    Climate computer models are proven wrong. Click here.

This debate matters!  The science matters.  

Please take time to review the many resources available by the left navigaton menu.  Then, get involved.  Contact your local MP click here and ask why Canada has committed billions of dollars for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction (here) to fight a problem that doesn’t exist? CO2 emissions have only a tiny effect on temperatures, but strongly enhance plant growth.

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Our Position: While FOS does not do any original scientific research, it does extensive literature research and draws on the worldwide body of work by scientists in all fields relating to global climate change. To read our Position Statement, click here.

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