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Polar Region Sea Ice

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Here is a series of real time graphs of sea ice extent in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as globally measured by satellites.

The Melting North? No Increase in the Greenhouse Effect

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The Economist magazine article "The Melting North" claimed that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are causing Arctic warming. We show that the greenhouse effect has not increased in the Arctic since 1979, so CO2 emissions cannot be the cause of the warming.

Greenland Glaciers to have Tiny Impact on Sea Level Rise

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The flow rates from nearly 200 glaciers across Greenland were analyzed by satellite radar data for the decade 2000 to 2010. The paper shows that fast-flowing glaciers sped up by about 30% over the decade. A previous study by Pfeffer et al projected that a 100% increase in flow during the decade would lead to a sea level rise of 9.3 cm by 2100, but could cause up to 47 cm rise by 2100. The new data implies that sea level rise from Greenland's glacier will be only 6 cm by 2100. (9.3 cm x 1.3/2)

Global warming and Glacier Melt-Down Debate

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FoS scientific advisory board member Dr. Madhav Khandekar writes that Himalayan glaciers are not retreating any faster than glaciers elsewhere. The largest and most important glaciers of the Himalayas show very little retreat at this time.

News from Antarctica

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Word Climate Report reviews three recent articles concerning Antarctic ice. One study using GPS technology shows that parts of Antarctica are increasing ice thickness by 2 inches per year, while radar altimetry shows ice increasing by 0.6 inch per year. Another study shows that the melting trend over Antarctica since 1979 using microwave observations is negligible.

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