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The Bonfire of Insanity: Power Station Switching from Coal to Wood

David Rose writes in the U.K. Daily MailOnline about the insanity of converting the huge Drax Power Station in Yorkshire from burning coal to wood pellets transported from North Carolina, U.S. Switching from coal to biomass has cost 700 million pounds. North Carolina's forests are being reduced to pellets at local factories, then shipped 3,800 miles across the Atlantic, then moved by train to Yorkshire. Using biomass for generating power produces 20 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions than coal. Meanwhile, the forest's precious wildlife habitat is being placed in jeopardy. Biomass is far more expensive than coal for electricity generation, but the conversion is being done to meet government renewable energy mandates.

Renewable is NOT so Doable

A Friends of Science review of the science and global experience with renewable energy and "Low-Carbon" economies vis a vis Alberta and Calgary's GHG Reduction Plan. Current scientific and economic evidence from around the world do not support the recommendations of this GHG Reduction Plan.

Why Warming is Good for the World

The scientific consensus is that warmer temperatures do more good than harm. Matt Ridley writes in the Spectator "Climate change [warming] has done more good than harm so far and is likely to continue doing so for most of this century." Professor Richard Tol finds that warming of the last century has increased economic output by 1.4%, rising to 1.5% by 2025 if temperatures resume a rising trend. The CO2 fertilization has caused "a 14 per cent increase in productivity of ecosystems".

Costly Misinformed Diagnosis

Friends of Science have produced the report "Costly Misinformed Diagnosis" to rebut the misleading health and climate claims made in "Costly Diagnosis" - a report by the Pembina Institute which was released March 26, 2013. The Pembina Institute report called for the early closure of coal plants in Alberta over health and climate concerns. We show that the Pembina report contained misrepresentations and that higher energy costs due to replacing coal with renewables has far greater health risks. There has been no global warming for 16 years, indicating that climate concerns are unwarranted.

Biofuels and "Cloud Cuckoo Land"

The most absurd "green" technology conceived to "tackle" climate change are biofuels. This article by Clive Best reports on a study by Ike Kiefer. Biofuel policies directly increases world food prices thereby starving the poor to reward the rich. Large quantities of fossil fuels are used in the fertilizers to growth the crops and in processing the biofuels. Kiefer finds, "the ethanol produced contains energy barely equal to the input fossil fuel energy."

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