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Is Global Warming Causing More Snowstorms? No, It Isn’t [in Extreme Weather] added December 3, 2014

Benefits of coal-fired power plants outweigh nominal health risk [In Policies & Economics] added November 5, 2014

Better to Have Global Warming than Global Cooling [In Consensus & Skeptics] added October 1, 2014

Climate Science Is Not Settled     [In Consensus & Skeptics] added September 24, 2014

A Climate Essay from Dr. Bill Gray  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added September 17, 2014

English Translation: Svante Arrhenius, 1906 [In FoS Initiatives] added September 9, 2014

Whatever Happened to Global Warming? [In Consensus & Skeptics] added September 8, 2014

Cause of Hiatus Found Deep in the Atlantic Ocean  [In Oceans] added September 1, 2014

IPCC AR5 Climate Sensitivity?  [In Climate Models] added August 31, 2014

Global Warming ‘pause’ is More Than Temporary; Scientific Evidence [In Consensus & Skeptics] added August 31, 2014

Doctors in the Dark on Energy and Air Pollution [In Policies & Economics] added August 11, 2014

Decrease of "Back-Radiation" in USA Over Past 14 Years  [In The Greenhouse Effect] added August 10, 2014

A 3,000-Year Record of Solar Activity  [In The Sun] added August 10, 2014

Rebuttal to Phil Elder's 'Primer on Global Warming'  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added August 2, 2014

Comparing Models and Observations in the Tropical Troposphere [In Climate Models] added July 27, 2014

The Globe and Mail’s Environmental Bias is Showing [In Consensus & Skeptics] added July 22, 2014

Power Full Benefits [In Policies & Economics] added June 26, 2014

FoS Letter Re: Greenpeace Climate Letter to Corporations [In FoS Initiatives] added June 23, 2014

Solar Irradiance Modulation of Equator-to-Pole (Arctic) Temperature Gradients [In The Sun] added June 21, 2014

Energy Abundance & Economic Growth [In Policies & Economics] added June 19, 2014

The Global Warming Hiatus  [In Climate Models] added June 17, 2014

Flawed Climate Models Lead to Costly Public Policy [In Policies & Economics] added June 13, 2014

Solar Forcing on Climate and Primary Productivity in the NE Pacific [In The Sun) added May 21, 2014

Industrial Soot Linked to the Abrupt Retreat of 19th Century Glaciers [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added May 21, 2014

Corbella: Pause in Global Warming Upsets Religious Believers [In Consensus & Skeptics] added May 17, 2014

The UN’s Sneak Attack on Your Pension [In Consensus & Skeptics] added May 8, 2014

An Essay by Nigel Lawson: Cool It [In Consensus & Skeptics] added May 2, 2014

FoS ask Psychological Sciences to Retract Lewandowsky Paper [In FoS Initiatives] added May 1, 2014

What is Happening to Sea Levels?  [In Sea Level Rise] added April 23, 2014

Earth Day Confuses Cult Indoctrination with Education [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 18, 2014

‘Social costs’ of Carbon Dioxide a Climate Change Scam [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 9, 2014

NIPCC: Climate Change Reconsidered II - 2013-2014 [General Climate Sciences] added April 3, 2014

Time to Rein in the Climate Change Carbon Baggers [In Consensus & Skeptics] added March 20, 2014

The Bonfire of Insanity: Power Station Switching from Coal to Wood [In Policies & Economics] added March 19, 2014

The Climate Conflict: What is it Really All About? [In Consensus & Skeptics] added March 12, 2014

Solar Forcing of North Atlantic Temperature 1000 Years [In The Sun) added March 11, 2014

A Sensitive Matter: How the IPCC Buried Evidence  [In Climate Models] added March 11, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State and Climate Catastrophe [In Consensus & Skeptics] added March 4, 2014

Testimony at the UK IPCC 5th Assessment Review [In Consensus & Skeptics] added March 4, 2014

97% Consensus? NO! Global Warming Math Myths & Social Proofs [In Consensus & Skeptics] added February 3, 2014

Climate Change's Inherent Uncertainties  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added February 3, 2014

Dr. Judith Curry US Senate Testimony on Climate Change [In Consensus & Skeptics] added January 21, 2014

CERES Satellite and Climate Sensitivity  [In The Greenhouse Effect] added January 15, 2014

Climate Alarmists are Rescued from Antarctic Summer Sea Ice [In Consensus & Skeptics] added January 3, 2014

Crowds Go Cold on Climate Cost  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added December 31, 2013

Submissions to the UK Energy and Climate Change Committee [In FoS Initiatives] added December 25, 2013

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. Testimony on Extreme Weather [In Extreme Weather] added December 12, 2013

The Global Warming- Extreme Weather Link  [In Extreme Weather] added November 27, 2013

Renewable is NOT so Doable  [In Policies & Economics] added November 26, 2013

Welcome to the IPCC Alternative Reality [In Consensus & Skeptics] added November 22, 2013

El Nino Warming Reduces Climate Sensitivity [In Oceans] added November 13, 2013

Monetary Benefits of Rising CO2 on Global Food Production [In CO2 and Plant Growth] added November 9, 2013

Real risk of a Maunder Minimum 'Little Ice Age' [In The Sun] added October 30, 2013

The Canadian Climate Model's Epic Failure [In Climate Models] added October 20, 2013

Why Warming is Good for the World  [In Policies & Economics] added October 18, 2013

IPCC Models Getting Mushy - McKitrick

R. Lindzen - Understanding the IPCC Climate Assessment [In Consensus & Skeptics] added October 12, 2013

Rebutal to the Rotarian Comments on Climate Change  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added October 12, 2013

IPCC Ignored Evidence Showing Sun’s Clear Impact [In The Sun] added October 11, 2013

Global Warming - Science or Politics?  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added October 2, 2013

NIPCC: Climate Change Reconsidered - 2013 Summary [In General Climate Sciences] added September 18, 2013

IPCC Models Getting Mushy [In Climate Models] added September 18, 2013

Costly Misinformed Diagnosis [In Policies & Economics] added September 10, 2013

Danish Experiment Confirms Cosmic Rays Promote Cloud Formation [In The Sun] added September 5, 2013

Climate Models Fail to Match Recent Temperature History [In Climate Models] added August 28, 2013

Climate Models Cannot Explain Lack of Warming [In Climate Models] added August 14, 2013

Biofuels and “Cloud Cuckoo Land” [In Policies & Economics] added August 14, 2013

U.S. Senate Hearing: Obama is Lying on Climate Change [In Consensus & Skeptics] added July 26, 2013

Editorial from Energy & Environment - July 2013  [In General Climate Sciences] added July 22, 2013

Solar and Planetary Oscillation Control on Climate Change [In The Sun] added July 22, 2013

Keystone XL Pipeline to Contribute 0.00002 °C Warming in 50 Years [In Policies & Economics] added July 6, 2013

Obama Climate Speech Riddled With Lies [In Consensus & Skeptics] added June 30, 2013

Recent Developments in Climate Policies and Science [In FoS Initatives] added June 20, 2013

Economic Impact of the Greenwich Wind Farm [In Policies & Economics] added June 11, 2013

Elevated Carbon Dioxide Making Arid Regions Greener  [In CO2 and Plant Growth] added June 5, 2013

Why is Wind Power so Expensive? [In Policies & Economics] added June 3, 2013

The High Cost of Low-Value Wind Power  [In Policies & Economics] added May 24, 2013

The EU Green Hell  [In Policies & Economice] added May 14, 2013

The Performance of Wind Farms in the UK & Denmark [In Policies & Economics] added May 1, 2013

No Need to Panic About Global Warming  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 6, 2013

Ontario’s Power Trip: The failure of the Green Energy Act [In Policies & Economics]  added March 26, 2013

Al Gore’s ‘Climate Reality’ and Unscientific Fear-mongering [In Consensus & Skeptics] added March 22, 2013

Snow Forecasts Were All Wrong [In Consensus & Skeptics] added March 22, 2013

The Global Warming Standstill  [In Temperature History] added March 16, 2013

Water Vapor Decline Cools the Earth: NASA Satellite Data  [In The Greenhouse Effect] added March 3, 2013

Mechanisms of Climate Change  [In General Climate Sciences] added February 27, 2013

NOAA Temperature Fraud Expands  [In Temperature History] added January 12, 2013

Evidence for Negative Water Feedback  [In The Greenhouse Effect] added January 10, 2013

Water Vapor Feedback - Is it positive or negative? [In Other Videos] added January 9, 2013

Drought, Hurricanes and Heat Waves – 2012 in Perspective  [In Other Videos] added January 6, 2013

Open Climate Letter to UN Secretary-General  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added November 30, 2012

Infrared Radiation and Planetary Temperatures [In Greenhouse Effect] added November 26, 2012

The 'Secret' BBC List Exposed  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added November 19, 2012

The Active Sun - de Jager [In The Sun] added November 8, 2012

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Don’t Cause More Severe Storms [In Extreme Weather] added November 8, 2012

How NIWA Added Lots of Warming in New Zealand – and Got Away With It [In Temperature History] added October 26, 2012

Better Science -  Where is the Recent Warming? [In Consensus & Skeptics] added October 1, 2012

Natural Forces of a Changing Climate [In The Sun] added September 19, 2012

Climategate and the Inquiries [In Consensus & Skeptics] added September 17, 2012

Friends of Science 10th Anniversary Video [In video/Audio>>Other Videos] added September 11, 2012

Hotter in Hansen’s World due to Missing “Oceans” of Data [In Temperature History] added September 1, 2012

Dr. John Christy at the US Senate E&PW Committee [In Consensus & Skeptics] added August 6, 2012

Half of the Warming in the USA is Artificial  [In Temperature History] added July 31, 2012

History Of How The Hockey Stick Was Manufactured [In Temperature History] added July 28, 2012

Which is Better for the Environment: Transit or Roads? [In Policies & Economics]  added July 25, 2012

The Skeptic's Case  [In Greenhouse Effect] added June 26, 2012

UN Climate Organization Wants Immunities [In Consensus & Skeptics] added June 21, 2012

The Melting North? No Increase in the Greenhouse Effect [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added June 21, 2012

The Future We Dread: The UN Rio+20 Draft Agenda Reveals Shocking Wish List  [In News and Events] added June 12, 2012

The Gergis Paper Debunking – Peer Review is Inadequate [In Temperature History] added June 11, 2012

Pacific Institute Reinstates Confessed Fraudster, Peter Gleick  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added June 11, 2012

Climategate Continues - Yamal  [In Temperature History] added May 26, 2012

Greenland Glaciers to have Tiny Impact on Sea Level Rise [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added May 17, 2012

A Friends of Science Response to James Hansen [In Consensus & Skeptics] added May 14, 2012

Satellite Measures a Drop in Cloud Height  [In Clouds] added May 6, 2012

USHCN Surface Temperatures: Dramatic Warming Adjustments [In Temperature History] added April 29, 2012

A Stellar Revision of the Story of Life [In The Sun] added April 28, 2012

FoS Talking Points  [In FoS Initiatives] added April 26, 2012 

The Shakun Debacle - Temperature or CO2 Leads? [In Temperature History] added April 15, 2012

Astronauts Condemn NASA's Global Warming Alarmism [In Consensus and Skeptics] added April 13, 2012

The IPCC - An Interview with Judith Curry  [In Consensus and Skeptics] added March 8, 2012

FakeGate: Stolen and Faked Heartland Documents [In News and Events] added February 25, 2012

Canadian Senate Climate Hearings  [In News and Events] added February 12, 2012

Testing an astronomically based harmonic climate model vs the IPCC  [In Climate Models] added January 17, 2012

Canada's Growing Polar Bear Population 'Becoming a Problem' [In Health and Animals] added December 17, 2011

Solar Activity and Svalbard Temperatures  [In The Sun] added December 17, 2011

Climategate 2  [In News & Events] added November 27, 2011

Climate Models vs Observations   [In Climate Models] added November 26, 2011

Summary of the FoS Response to Canada's CO2 Reduction Plan [In Policies & Economics]  added November 5, 2011

Global Warming Panic Explained Animated Video [Other Videos] added October 30, 2011

Excerpt & Review of "The Delinquent Teenager"  [In Consensus and Skeptics] added October 30, 2011

The Wind Power Industry - the Greatest Scam of Our Age [In Policies & Economics]  added October 29, 2011

Permafrost and Climate Change in the Colorado Front Range [In Temperature History] added October 22, 2011

Electricity in The Netherlands: Wind Turbines Increase Fuel Consumption [In Policies & Economics]  added October 16, 2011

Regulation Without Reason [In Policies & Economics]  added October 14, 2011

Global Warming and Phanerozoic Climate Changes [In General Climate Sciences] updated October 13, 2011 

FoS Response to Environment Canada's CO2 Emissions Reduction Plan [In FoS Initiatives] added September 29, 2011

The UN's 50 million Climate Refugees  [In Consensus and Skeptics] added September 27, 2011

Contribution of Cosmic Ray Flux to Global Warming [In The Sun] added September 17, 2011

Forbush Decreases – Clouds Relation in the Neutron Monitor Era [In The Sun] added September 12, 2011

2011 NIPCC Interim Report Climate Change Reconsidered [In General Climate Sciences] added August 29, 2011

CERN Finds "Significant" Cosmic Ray Cloud Effect [In The Sun] added August 26, 2011

Observational Determination of Climate Sensitivity [In Climate Models] added August 24, 2011

Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedbacks  [In Climate Models] added August 24, 2011

Biofuel Policies Increase Death and Disease  [In Policies & Economics] added June 15, 2011

Out-going Longwave Radiation and the Greenhouse Effect [In The Greenhouse Effect] added June 12, 2011

Cosmic Rays Linked to Aerosols and Cloud Formation [In The Sun] added May 21, 2011

Global Warming Fraud Creates Third World Food Crisis [In Policies & Economics] added May 14, 2011

Open Letter by Dr. Ziegler - CO2 Taxes in Switzerland [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 11, 2011

Climate Change During Geological and Recent Times [In General Climate Sciences] added March 18, 2011

The Association of Albedo and OLR with Variations of Precipitation [In Climate Models] added March 5, 2011

The Thermodynamics of Surface Temperature and Water Vapour [In The Greenhouse Effect] added February 19, 2011

Why Wind Won't Work [In Policies and Economics] added February 13, 2011

Open Letter to the US Congress [In News and Events] added February 13, 2011

The Dutch and Sea Level Rise [In Sea Level Rise] added January 29, 2011

Clausius Clapeyron and the Regulation of Global Warming [In Climate Models] added January 29, 2011

FoS Extracts [In FoS Initiatives] added December 6, 2010- updated regularly

Ocean Acidification Database - Results & Conclusions [In Oceans] added November 8, 2010

Global Warming and Phanerozoic Climate Changes [In General Climate Sciences] added October 31, 2010

The Missing Hotspot [In Climate Models] added September 25, 2010

Killing Biofuels [In Policies & Economics] added September 6, 2010

Feedback in the Presence of Unknown Radiative Forcing [In Clouds] added August 29, 2010

Zombie Hockey Stick Dies Again [In temperature History] added August 22, 2010

Conned: An Independent Review of the IPCC [In Consensus & Skeptics] added August 21, 2010

Response to the Climategate Inquiries [In News & Events] added August 19, 2010

The Thunderstorm Thermostat Hypothesis [In Clouds] added July 10, 2010

Cloud and Radiation Changes with Tropical Oscillations  [In Clouds] added July 10, 2010

Note on the Miskolczi Theory [In Greenhouse Effect] added July 9, 2010

The Stable Global Atmospheric Greenhouse Optical Thickness [In Greenhouse Effect] added July 3, 2010

Global Warming Advocacy Science: A Cross Examination [In Consensus & Skeptics] added June 18, 2010

Evidence for a Celestrial Origin of Climate Oscillations [In The Sun] added June 17, 2010

Global Warming, Fact or Fraud?  [In Presentations] added June 17, 2010

The IPCC’s Contradictory Global Temperature Data  [In Presentations] added June 13, 2010

Trends in Tropospheric Humidity from NCEP Reanalysis Data [In Greenhouse Effect] added May 25, 2010

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Theory  [In Presentations] added May 16, 2010

Cosmic Rays and Climate  [In The Sun] added April 15, 2010

Who Needs a Committee Report to Spot Rank Deception?  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 13, 2010

Circling the Bandwagons: My Adventures Correcting the IPCC [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 9, 2010

Dr. Miskolczi Proves CO2 Emissions Irrelevant in Earth’s Climate [In Greenhouse Effect] added March 14, 2010

CO2 Cannot Cause Any More “Global Warming”  [In Greenhouse Effect] added March 14, 2010

The Global Warming Blizzard Myth  [In Extreme Weather] added March 14, 2010

Surface Temperature Record: Policy Driven Deception? [In Temperature History] added March 6, 2010

Are We Feeling Warmer Yet? [In Temperature History] added March 5, 2010

Comparing Rural and Urban U.S. Temperature Data [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added March 2, 2010

Disclosure of Climate Data  [In Temperature History] added February 26, 2010

The Global Warming Guerrillas  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added February 16, 2010

Lawrence Solomon: Beyond the Himalayas [In Consensus & Skeptics] added February 5, 2010

Climate Change - The Truth: An Adverticement [In Consensus & Skeptics] added January 16, 2010

The Hidden Fuel Costs of Wind Generated Electricity [In Policies & Economics] added January 16, 2010

Climategate: 30 Years in the Making [In Consensus & Skeptics] added December 24, 2009

Three Political Events [In Policies & Economics] added December 20, 2009

Mankind Has an Insignificant Impact on Climate [In Policies & Economics] added December 20, 2009

CLIMATEGATE: Caught Green-Handed!  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added December 4, 2009

Climate Change by Dr. Neil Hutton [In General Climate Sciences] added December December 3, 2009

Global Warming and Glacier Melt-Down Debate [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added December 2, 2009

The Death Blow to Climate Science [In Consensus & Skeptics] added November 21, 2009

Himalayan Glaciers - A State-of-Art Review [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added November 21, 2009

Hadley Climate Research Unit Hacked! [In News and Events] added November 20, 2009

The Dog Ate Global Warming [In Temperature History] added November 14, 2009 

Accurate Estimation of CO2 Background Level [In CO2 History] added November 14, 2009

Political Realities versus Physical Realities [In Consensus & Skeptics] added November 11, 2009

The Copenhagen Climate Treaty [In Policies & Economics] added October 22, 2009

Lord Christopher Monckton Presentation Summary [In FoS Initiatives] added October 7, 2009

Climate Feedback from ERBE Satellite Data [In Computer Models] added October 3, 2009

The Yamal Implosion [In Temperature History] added September 30, 2009

A Congressman's Position on Climate Change [In News and Events] added September 7, 2009

Climate Money [In Consensus & Skeptics] added July 26, 2009

Climate Change Reconsidered - NIPCC [In General Climate Sciences] added July 11, 2009

EPA Suppresses Dissent and Opinion on Climate Change [In Policies & Economics] added July 5, 2009

Comments on EPA's Endangerment Analysis for GHG [In General Climate Sciences] added July 1, 2009

Clouds Have Made Fools of Climate Modelers [In Clouds] added June 15, 2009

IPCC Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research [In Climate Models] added June 4, 2009

The Skeptic's Handbook [In Consensus & Skeptics] added May 21, 2009

Wind: Another Forgotten Weather Variable [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added May 9, 2009

Falling Ocean Heat Falsifies Global Warming Hypothesis [In Oceans] added May 9, 2009

FoS Presentation to the Cambridge Society [In FoS Initiatives] added April 23, 2009

Bogeymen Of The C02 Hoax Losing Ground [In Consensus & Skeptics] added April 6, 2009

The Ignored Horizontal Energy Balance [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added April 2, 2009

Using the Oceans to Quantify Solar Forcing [In The Sun] added March 15, 2009

Antarctica is Cooling [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added March 3, 2009

Outbreaks of Cold Polar Air [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added February 15, 2009

The Tropopause  [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added February 1, 2009

Particulates Absorb Solar Energy in the Atmosphere [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added January 26, 2009

Will Global Warming Harm Agriculture? [In Extreme Weather] added January 25, 2009

The Boundary Layer  [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added January 17, 2009

IPCC Criticism  [In Consensus & Skeptics] added January 4, 2009

Computer Climate Model   [In Climate Models /Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added December 27, 2008

Measurement of Pre-Industrial CO2 Levels [In CO2 History / Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added December 25, 2008

Global Warming Scam   [In General Climate Sciences] revised October,2008

The Greenhouse Effect [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added November 17, 2008

Weather and Climate [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added November 17, 2008

Ozone And Carbon Dioxide  – A Case Of Déjà Vu [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added November 2, 2008

Scientific Proof and Falsifiability [In Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series] added November 2, 2008

Where is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming? [In General Climate Science] added October 1, 2008

Climate Science: Is it Currently Designed to Answer Questions? [In Consensus & Skeptics] added October 1, 2008

Limits on CO2 Climate Forcing [In Climate Models] added September 29, 2008

Old Farmer's Almanac Predictions [In Consensus & Skeptics] added September 28, 2008

Urban Heat Island Effect [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added September 28, 2008

Severe Weather with Global Warming - Incorrect [In Extreme Weather] added September 28, 2008

Media Bias and Sea Ice [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added September 22, 2008

Geoengineering [In Policies & Economics] added August 24, 2008 

Biofuels Summary from CO2 Science [In Policies & Economics] added August 23, 2008 

Letter to UN Secretary General - July 2008 [In Policies & Economics] added August 17, 2008 

Climate Sensitivity Holy Grail [In Climate Models] added July 16, 2008 

SEEDS - A Climate Critique  [In FoS Initiatives] added July 9, 2008.

Has the IPCC Exaggerated Adverse Impact of Global Warming? [In General Climate Sciences] added July 9, 2008. 

The Saturated Greenhouse Effect [In Climate Models] added June 19, 2008

NASA Sees Arctic Ocean Circulation Do an About-Face [In Oceans] added June 11, 2008

In Praise of CO2  [In CO2 and Plant Growth] added June9, 2008 

Correct the Corrections: The GISS Urban Adjustment  [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added June 8, 2008 

The Sun Can Cause Climate Change  [InThe Sun] added June 8, 2008

Climate, Politics and Science     [In General Climate Sciences] added May 25, 2008

Was 1998 the Warmest Year of the Millenium?  [In Temperature History] added May 22, 2008

Global Warming Scam              [In General Climate Sciences] added May 8, 2008 

Updated AMSR-E Sea Ice Maps    [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added April 22, 2008


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