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Newsletters are sent to FOS members each quarter.

Friends of Science Annual Major Events

Our Special Event was in the evening of June 2, 2015 with Dr. Nir Shaviv, Racah Inst. of Physics, Hebrew University IBM Einstein Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study Topic: "The Sun’s role in climate change"

FoS Extracts

FOS produces a summary of current climate news which is emailed to our members several times per month.

FoS Climate Science Newsletter

FoS Climate Science Newsletter. A summary of current climate science news.

Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada: COP21 Paris 2015: Does The IPCC Climate Science Merit Action?

The Friends of Science Society sent a letter to the PM of Canada, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and the Premiers of the Provinces. The letter begins, "As the World’s Nations scramble to make their commitments to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere to keep the temperature increase below 2 °C, the COP21 representatives apparently have failed to notice that there has been no warming for almost 2 decades." If further states "it is apparent that there is no match between climate models and observed reality. ... The temperature rise from 1911 to 1944 occurred before CO2 could have had a significant effect on temperature but it is very similar to the rise from 1976 to1998, and both increases are coincident with significant increases in solar activity ... Well documented climatic information for the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm period show that they were both significantly warmer than our current warm period and there is nothing unique or unprecedented about modern warming."

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