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What was the cost in Euros (€) of Germany’s Green Energy program over the last 15 years?
  • About € 50 Billion.
  • About € 100 Billion.
  • About € 200 Billion.
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Robert Lyman on the implications of climate change targets for Canada, hereParis Eiffel tower


McKitrick on Climate Change" - click here (opens new tab) to watch video clip series.

McKitrick on Climate ChangeMcKitrick on Climate Change Companion Guide - How are Social Costs of Carbon calculated? Click here.

Global Sea Ice Area Anomaly

Click graph for larger version. Global sea ice area has been increasing for 3 years and is above the 1997 to 2008 average.

Climate Science Essay

Help us stop dangerous CO2 reduction policies.

Solar flare with Earth to scale"IPCC AR5 Section7.4.6 says, "Many studies have reported observations that link solar activity to particular aspects of the climate system." 
See Videos:
The Cosmic Ray Climate Link
Climate and the Variable Sun

The greenhouse effect has changed very little. Temperatures may increase by 0.3 C by 2100 in response to CO2 emissions. See report here.

More CO2 makes plants grow! Click on image to see video. CO2 fertilization

Flag of FranceCliquez ici pour l'article en français

Burning Questions: Phase out coal campaign

See Burning Questions phase out coal report, click here.

Thoenes' views on CO2

Dr. Thoenes of the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, presents his views on the influence of CO2 on global climate change.See here or click image.

Dr. Thoenes of the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, presents his views on the inflence of CO2 on global climate change - See more at:

The Canadian Climate Model - No match to observations!

Canadian Climate Model - No match to observations

See article HERE

Consensus on Global Warming? See our report: 97% Consensus? NO! Global Warming Math Myths & Social Proofs table here. 

Save the scientific method from Big Green propaganda and faulty science.

Carbon Dioxide has nominal impact on temperature.



"Small-Business and Consumer Reps Excluded from Alberta Climate Change Panel" Here

"Quebec Premier Couillard Should Cancel Montreal F-1 Grand Prix as a Climate Change Gesture" Here

"Snowbirds would be Nobirds with Climate Change Targets Meaning $22 billion Loss to US Economy" Here


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Graph of New climate model projections and observations Here. Huge discrepancy!

                 See Our Position Paper Here

Carbon dioxide is plant food. CO2 emissions increase crop yields and the forest's productivity. There are no harmful effects.

Carbon dioxide is a wonderful by-product of fossil fuel use.Fos Graph Animation 

Do you need more time to study these graphs? See our Climate Science Essay for sources and discussion of these and other graphs here, see Climate Science here.


1.    The earth's atmosphere is not warming. Click here.
2.    The Sun causes climate change. Click here.
3.    Al Gore was wrong about CO2. Click here.
4.    Violent weather isn’t getting worse. Click here.
5.    It’s been hotter. Click here. 
6.    Climate computer models are proven wrong. Click here.

This debate matters!  The science matters.  

Please take time to review the many resources available by the left navigaton menu. Contact your local MP click here and ask why Canada has committed billions of dollars for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction (here) to fight a problem that doesn’t exist? CO2 emissions have only a tiny effect on temperatures, but strongly enhance plant growth.

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Our Position: While FOS does not do any original scientific research, it does extensive literature research and draws on the worldwide body of work by scientists in all fields relating to global climate change. To read our Position Statement, click here.

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