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FOS Robert lecture


MLA Drew Barnes on Climate Bullies


The Myth of the 97% Consensus


Science March: Group Think on Parade?


Alberta Coal Phase-out: What Air Quality Issues?


Fort McMurray Wildfire - Lack of Preparation - not Climate Change


FOS Climate Dogma Exposed


FOS Ecojustice Competition Act 1


Ecojustice Weather Cooking 5


Ecojustice Rebuttal 2


Ecojustice Fossil Fuels 4


Ecojustice Consensus 3


Friends of Science Introduction - Insights into Climate Science 


The Voice of the People - Calgary Rally for Alberta Dec. 11, 2016


A Heartfelt Message to Premier Notley and Caucus from a Woman at The Rebel Rally Dec. 11, 2016


Dec. 10, 2016 - No Wind. No Sun. No Free Power


Oil Sands Proud - Robbie Picard - Speaks at The Rebel Rally for Alberta in Calgary


Climate Facts over Climate Fears  


Give the Gift of Membership - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Friends of Science Society Calls for Conflict of Interest Inquiry into Alberta Climate Change Plan 


Tax Subsidized Charities Putting Canadians Out of Work


Alberta Wide Rally Nov. 5, 2016


Energy Illiteracy - Are YOU Being Misled?


Alberta's Proposed Climate Plan - A Burden with No Benefit


Real Rock Formations Show Glaciers Come and Go Naturally


False Choice Cafe


Fact Check on Alberta Government Coal-Health Claims


Geothermal vs Coal-fired power for Alberta - Debate


Using Technology to Address Coal Plant Emissions - An Alberta Success Story


Canadians Cause Global Warming - in Simulations 


Markets Skewed - Reasons Why


Fore! Lobbing Facts at Premier Notley


Are you a Radical or Rational Canadian?


Hypocrites, Eco-nuts and Offshore Funding


Ezra Levant: No Power to the People


Ezra Levant: Speak out Against Paid Lobbyists


Ezra Levant: Climate Change a Moral Issue?


Go Along to Get Along on Global Warming?


Fort McMurray Fires: Karma or Science 


EcoJustice: Where is the Justice in Job Losses


Ezra Levant on Eco Justice


Dr. Neil Hutton on IPCC Claims of Human-Caused Global Warming  


Real Working People - We Want a Pipeline


Active Planet


Rock Formations


I'm in the Red and So are You


The Art of Climate Science


Florida - At Risk of Sea Level Rise or a Natural Sinkhole


Marshall Islands and Climate Change


Friends of Science Responds to Premier Notley's Kitchen Chat


Politicians Can't Stop Climate Change - Dr. John Harper


Dr. Ian Clark Glacier


Dr. Ian Clark Sun


Arctic Warming a Natural Process – Polar Bears Lived well in Warm Hypsithermal


The Carbon Cycle – Human Industrial CO2 a Small Part


Look Before You Leap


Climate Justice - Climate Just Is


Climate Crimes or Eco-shakedown


Canada - Saving the Planet and Marshall Islands...from Marine Emissions


Big Rock - Nothing New Under the Sun


William Kay: Europe's Energy Challenge


Reliability of Land & Sea Temperatures


William Kay: The Climate Industrial Complex


Istvan Marko interview on ADDE

Istvan Marko interview sur ADDE en français


How Reliable are Satellite Temps


Freedom of Thought


The People need to know Cost Benefits before Climate Policies


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Oil workers as Slave Fossil Fuels Gives us 97 servants!


Merry Christmas Thanks for your Support!


Low Carbon Economy versus 3 Cubic Miles of Oil Equivalent


Gold Medal for Ad Copy No 97% Consensus They're fooling you


Alberta Mavericks Stand Up for Common Sense


Canada is Clean - Wind Energy is Harmful


Canada at COP21


NDP's Push for Renewables will Punish Consumers


Trudeau COP21


Stand up against Climate Coercion -Horton Road FoS Billboard


Stand up against Climate Coercion -Barlow Trail FoS Billboard


FOS Promotion - Five Reports


New IPCC Chair & Monsoons

Clear the Air on Climate


Dr. Khandekar on Coal


Infiltration 1

Infiltration 2

Infiltration 3


Alberta's Climate Change Panel Info is Misleading


Alberta Climate Change Panel is too one-sided


Rachel Hot July


Dr Shaviv: The Sun affects climate


Debate: Stirling vs Vipond on Coal-fired Power


Leadership Kyoto


McKitrick on Climate Change: video clip series    


Prof. Nir Shaviv: The Cosmic Ray Climate Link


Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario's Green Energy Act: Ross McKitrick


Friends of Science 10th Anniversary


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