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Providing Insight
Into Climate Change
Fos Extracts - 2019 Table of Contents



Hothouse Earth? “Advertorials” in Science
Carbon Credits Could Cost Canadian Taxpayers Billions
IBC Exaggerated Insurance “Climate Risks”
Decline in GDP-Adjusted Global Catastrophic Losses over the Past 25 Years
Media Climate Hype
“Clean Energy Leader” PG&E Files for Bankruptcy
Carbon Disclosure Project and PG&E
Good News: The UN’s Global Green Law is Going Nowhere for Now
“End of the Road” for UK Citizens’ Climate Case
Global Warming Myth Debunked




Dark Green Money Reveals Vast Self-Dealing Network in Canada’s Climate Change “Leadership”
Exposing the Money behind the US-based Campaign to Kill the Alberta Oilsands
Blaming Canada’s Sky-high Emissions on Alberta
Carbon Taxation Needs a Buy-in
Rex Murphy: Spare Us the Mantras about the Environment and the Economy
Green No More: Germany Delays Coal Exit
More and Bigger Private Jets Land at Davos as Elites Discuss Climate Change
IEA: Electric Cars Will Not Stop Rising Oil Demand
China’s Coal Output Highest in Three Years
US Conservatives Push for More Permanent Exit from Paris Agreement
Climate Change Concern is Surging-But Nobody Wants to Pay More Taxes
97% of Scientists Agree on: Nothing




StatCan Exposes How Worthless “Green” Industries Are
Poll: Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Won’t Motivate Canadians to Switch to More Fuel-efficient Transportation
US Court Rules Against Young Climate Activists
US Democrats’ Green New Deal
The Greenpeace Business Report
Furious NGOs Sue French Government over Carbon Tax Retreat
Climate Skeptics: The Despised Minority
The World Is Bored with Climate Change
Germany’s Green Transition Has Hit a Brick Wall
Can Wind and Solar Replace Fossil Fuels?
Sustainable Fuels Unlikely to Replace Hydrocarbons for Air Travel
Organic Food Worse for the Climate

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